Origami Phone is a foldable mobile phone holder that works as a holder, handle and card holder. Once attached to the back of the phone or to the cover, it guarantees a minimum size because it has the thickness of a cardboard. At the moment of use, however, it expands thanks to its pre-shaped folds and becomes a support to hold the phone in a vertical and horizontal position. It also functions as a grip to keep the smartphone with one hand, write messages or take photos. It is composed externally of fibreglass, which makes it resistant, and inside coated with soft PU for an anti-scratch effect. Once closed, it remains compact thanks to magnets that prevent it from opening accidentally. Origami Phone also provides a pocket in which to insert cards or credit cards, to carry them with you without using your wallet. Origami Phone is available in dark grey and can be customised by CMYK printing.

ORIGAMI PHONE - Folding smartphone holder

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