Grain, USB 4in1 multi-cable in wheat fibre and bamboo

Multiple connector equipped with standard USB cable, micro-USB, Lightning and Type C, all with fast charging function for smartphones or other devices.

A very useful product because it gathers in a single solution all the cables compatible with any model of smartphone. It also allows you to connect multiple devices to recharge them even simultaneously up to a maximum of 2.1 A.

The hub from which the cables come out is made of wheat fibre (a special assembly of ABS and natural fibre), with a rectangular bamboo insert.

The use of these two eco-sustainable materials makes the product particularly suitable for companies that promote environmental sustainability.

The body is provided with a functional hole for the passage of straps/lanyards or accessories.

The bamboo surface can be customised by screen printing and laser engraving.

Another strong point is the delivery time: it is shipped from our premises within 24/48 hours from order confirmation, and delivery takes place in 24 or 72 hours depending on the destination.


Grain, USB 4in1 multi-cable

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